Ranked 1st in high school entrance exam in Chongqing for 18 consecutive years, named a banner of private school education of Chongqing and expert of junior middle school education. In the college entrance exam of 2018, the school has achieved an average score of 624, which is 100 points higher than the key university score line. Over 92% of the students entered the first level universities of China. Never the less, in 2018, all students of International Elite Class has entered top 30 universities of the world.


2019.4 Elite Student Source for Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

2019.1 Influential Education Brand for Chinese in 2018-2019

2019.1 Chongqing Moral Education Brand for “5 Dimension” Self-education

2018.12 National Reform Achievement Award for “3+2 PE course reform in Bachuan Middle School”

2018.12 “The World’s Best Score Award” in IGCSE Math test, by He Qiuyi, student of Bachuan International Elite Class, Grade 2020

2018.10 National 1st Grade Award for Olympiad in Chemistry by Zhangyue, Huhan, Li Bowen, students of Bachuan New High School; 1st Grade Award for National League Competition of Math by Tan Yulan.

2018.4 Student Source Middle School for Tsinghua University in 2017