• Chongqing Bachuan Middle School

    ——Expert of middle school education, banner of private school education

    expert of middle school education, banner of private school education.

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  • Bachuan Mini Class Experimental School

    ——Pioneer of Reform in Chinese Junior Middle School Education

    100% students entering into the key high schools of Chongqing, 79% of them becoming high school class leaders.

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  • Bachuan International High School

    ——1st in China, 2nd in Asia High School for Mathematics and Physics

    Bachuan International High School is the 1st in China, 2nd in Asia High School for Mathematics and Physics. It is a STEAM school which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Arts.

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  • Bachuan New High School

    ——Embracing new college entrance exam, explore new model for elite education

    Bachuan New High School is aiming at achieving high testing scores through high student quality and high study efficiency.

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  • Tongnan Bachuan Middle School

    ——Inheriting Bachuan concepts, sample of cross district middle school education

    Tongnan Bachuan Middle School is the 1st expanding school out of its original campus.

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  • Bachuan Quantum School

    ——A school of mobile classes with open fences

    Bachuan Quantum School is situated next to the CBD of Jiangbeizui, with land coverage of 90 Mu. It is an elite K12 school from kindergarten to high school.

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  • Bachuan Sino-Finland Experimental School

    ——Practitioner of Finland education concepts

    To lead in the advanced concepts and courses of fundamental education from Finland, to forge a future school more adaptive to growth need of students. The school will open in September 2019.

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  • Deyang Bachuan Academy

    ——National standard for moral education

    Aiming at the world’s famous academies and first class Chinese middle schools, the school is founded on the basis of moral education, and adapting to the developing trend of internationalization and intelligence.

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